5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Water Purifier!

Drinking tap water can prove to be a serious health hazard, making us susceptible to cholera and other water-borne bacterial infections.  Many a time, just boiling or using activated carbon filters is not sufficient to get rid of all the contaminants. Water purifiers solve this problem by removing contaminants from water, such as unwanted chemicals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and a whole range of dissolved material that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Here are five reasons why a water purifier is essential:

Rids Of Industrial and Environmental Pollution: It is sad but true that something like water, which is essential to life is no longer clean or safe for drinking. It is wrong to think that unsafe drinking water is a problem only of the third world; as it is a problem of the industrially developed countries like the United States too. Most tap water is not safe to drink as all the lakes, rivers, municipal water systems and even glaciers contain high levels of contamination; from man-made chemicals to natural minerals.  While all of the contaminants may not cause immediate illness, they may in the long-term lead to cancer, liver damage and several other serious health problems.  The best solution is the use of a water purifier.

Removes Common Chemicals: Chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine are used to treat municipal water supplies.  When too much is used, they can have significant adverse effects on our body.  You can protect yourself from this by using a high quality water purifier.

Filters Prescription Drugs: It has been seen that tap water also contains elements of prescription drugs in small amounts. The pharmaceuticals mixed in drinking water could range from sex hormones to antibiotics.  Research shows that these drugs have been found in the water supplied to millions of homes in the United States.  The government has suggested the use of water purifiers to remove this contamination.

Offers Best Portability and Delivery: People have been known to use all sorts of materials to purify water, right from silver tablets to permanganate crystals. The best thing about water purifiers is their portability and delivery into the water. Various contaminants and unwanted materials are removed through one or more filters, making them an essential household gadget in the current day.

Safer Than Bottled Water: For many, bottled water is the ultimate solution to safe drinking water.  However, research shows that bottled water is not always safer than tap water.  While some of it may be of high quality and pure, others have shown to contain high levels of contaminants, such as synthetic organic chemicals, arsenic and bacteria.

The above reasons should be sufficient to make you understand the importance of using water purifiers.

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