5 Ways to Give Your Energy Levels a Boost!

Lethargy sets in even before you realize what’s going on.  You put an alarm to wake up in the morning to exercise, but turn it off only to get up with a guilt feeling of having done it again.  You promised your son that you would bake him a cake but don’t because you don’t feel energetic.

The best way to boost your energy levels is to pick any activity you enjoy.  Begin with small and specific goals, such as “I am going for a 15-minutes walk three days a week.”  You can increase the length of time and the number of days slowly.

Here are five ways of giving your energy levels that much needed boost:

Fresh air: How can there be anything better than breathing in fresh air?  Oxygen is the key element of life, and the polluted air we breathe inside our offices or homes zaps our energy.  Walking is one of the best ways to achieve this, and the air in natural environments can boost oxygen levels and clear the mind.  The negative ions present in fresh air neutralize all the toxins and pollutants, making you feel good and energetic.

Exercise: Exercise in any form is beneficial; walking, jogging, swimming, aerobic, yoga, tai chi or other forms. Lack of exercise can bring energy levels down making you feel dull and unfit. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It not only helps you burn calories, but also reduces functional declines of aging, lowers the risk of heart disease, keeps your joints moving, reduces arthritic pains, and most importantly, lowers stress and boosts your mood, making you feel highly energetic.

Foods: Eating the right foods will help your mind stay sharp and your energy levels high. Energy should come from high carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, potatoes, bread and breakfast cereals.  Other foods like anchovies, salmon, mackerel and dark leafy green vegetables are excellent choices. Eat regularly and keep a selection of good foods handy to avoid the temptation for unhealthy snacks.

To keep your energy levels high at all times, you should:

1. Never skip breakfast.
2. Eat regularly – Three meals a day with healthy snacking in between
3. Keep hydrated and don’t wait till you feel thirsty.  Drink at least 8 – 12 glasses of fresh water and other light liquids throughout the day

Tasks: You must have noticed how your energy is sapped and you feel anxious when you have a boring task ahead of you. Don’t do everything just because it is scheduled, even if you’re feeling stressed out.  Leaving it can be a real energy booster, and you can always come back to it when you are in a more positive mood and get down to doing something more appealing at the present moment.

Sleep: According to research energy levels go down when we push ourselves too much and our brains stop functioning properly.  A small 60-minute “energy boosting nap” during the day can reverse the effects of lethargy and help you feel much more energetic the rest of the day.

Energy drain happens to everyone and there are days or nights when no matter how exciting the party or movie is, you cannot get yourself to enjoy.  But there are several ways you can get around that feeling and give your energy levels an instant boost.

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