Gentle Exercises to Make You Feel Good!

Exercise recommendations have changed over the years and now experts tell us to take things slowly and gradually.  Most people tend to start with vigorous exercises because they feel suddenly motivated to get healthy immediately and to feel good about themselves.  This can be harmful.

Gentle exercises can do a lot of good, even if it means just spending 10 minutes in a day doing what you enjoy.  What is important is to start exercising, whether it is just walking, running, cycling, aerobics or yoga.

Take a peaceful stroll along the dappled lanes and if you live in the countryside, breathe in the beautiful fresh breeze.  Start off with a good warm up session of 5 minutes, and gradually pick up the pace of walking.  It doesn’t have to be anything uncomfortable, but just enough to make you sweat a little and feel good all over.

It is a good thing to work the muscles gently on a regular basis as this increases strength.  Exercise helps build lean muscle and helps burn off calories, thus improving the metabolism, which leaves us feeling good all day long.

Did you know that washing the car, working around the house or doing something similar can help a great deal too? Doing household chores can get rid of lethargy and keeps us active and improves flexibility of the muscles.

You can also incorporate gentle stretching exercises into your workout routine and they can be done before and after an exercise session.

Yoga and meditation have become hugely popular because of the benefits they afford for physical and mental wellbeing. A half-hour session of yoga that includes 15 minutes of simple yogic postures, 10 minutes of pranayama (breathing exercises) and 5 minutes of meditation is said to change your whole life around for the better, bringing a glow to your face, a spring to your walk and a positive attitude.

You can design your own exercise program incorporating all or some of the above mentioned gentle exercises and gain a whole new perspective to life while sculpting your body to the perfect shape you always craved for.

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