Wellness Natural… A new approach with amazing results

The term “Wellness Natural”  describes our way of looking at the health and wellness of  modern society.  We use the words in that order to stress the importance of wellness first, and the natural aspect of wellness secondly.

In other words, if you wanted to walk for exercise, you could walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine, or you could walk inside on a treadmill.  Walking contributes to wellness…. Walking outside is a natural way and the treadmill in less natural.  Outside offers fresh air and sunshine, treadmills offer stale air and no natural sunlight  but are still considered to be exercise and contribute to your wellness.

If you can’t walk outside…then walk inside.  The important thing is to walk.

We will talk about things on this site that contribute to your wellness, but we will try to emphasize the natural way , if one exists.


I once read that the number one cause of death at the turn of the century was horses.  Horses?!  More people died by being bucked off of horses, trampled by horses, or kicked by horses.

Cancer and Heart Disease were almost unknown at that time.  People worked long hard days, mostly outside, and ate hearty meals of fresh food grown or raised in a natural way.  There were no chemicals used in food production, food wasn’t manufactured or processed, and hard work was the name of the game.

Today, we live a completely different lifestyle.  We eat too much.  Our food is over processed and contains almost no nutritional value.  We are exposed to toxins and chemicals in every way…. food, water, and air.  We don’t exercise… we drive our cars everywhere and don’t do manual labor.  We are stressed beyond belief and our lifestyles contribute to all kinds of problems… mental and physical.

We have found a way!

Over the years, we have studied natural wellness. We have found a way to easily adapt to a lifestyle that contributes to your perfect health and wellness.  We endorse certain books, courses, and products that support our beliefs.

Even though we believe fervently in the ideas and resources contained on this site, we ask you to be your own judge.  Don’t just trust something because someone says it’s good…. Do your own research, read about it, test it, and form your own opinions.

We are not doctors, we don’t make any claims, we don’t offer medical advice or opinions, and we don’t claim to be experts.  We write about our knowledge and personal experiences and offer this information to you, at no cost, hoping that it will help you achieve your own Wellness Natural lifestyle.


On this website we will talk about things that can contribute to your wellness.  We will mostly talk about things that work in a natural way because it is our belief and understanding that the natural way is healthier and often times the only thing that works.

If we recommend a book or a product, it will be something that we use ourselves, have proven results, and is authentic and honest.  We believe in our work. We will continue our investigations and explorations towards Wellness Natural and report the results here.

Please contribute and discuss.  We’d like to hear about your experiences and any comments you might have.  Please be positive and helpful… the world already has too many critics and troublemakers.  Negative comments and posts will be deleted immediately.

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